What others are saying about Pat Quinn...

“Pat Quinn takes a remarkably different and refreshing approach to RTI. While everyone else lives in a world of theory, he tells us step by step how you actually go about doing it.” 

“I have attended seven different seminars this year already, and there is nothing like Pat Quinn’s material. He is the only one who gives hope to classroom teachers that this is not only possible - but could actually work in our school!” 

“What a pleasure to hear about interventions from a teachers’s point of view rather than a college textbook point of view. Pat is real, he is honest, and he gets it. Your teachers are going to love this.”

A note from Presenter Pat Quinn:

Every time I stand up in front of a group of teachers to speak on Instructional Strategies I will get asked a simple question, “But how do I find the time to deliver interventions in my classroom?”

Every Principal and every Instructional Coach struggles with this issue daily: Many teachers struggle to offer high-quality academic interventions to the students in their classroom. What can you do?

I am so excited to share this full day of strategies that you can use to help these teachers change. Every strategy is designed to help even your most reluctant teachers change the way they teach and increase learning in their classroom!

This seminar is designed for anyone who is involved with improving instruction at their school… and it will be filled with REAL solutions to REAL problems!

I look forward to sharing these strategies and ideas with you!

Pat Quinn

Meet "The RTI Guy" Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn is known nationally as “The RTI Guy” and is the author of the nation’s most popular newsletter dedicated specifically to helping teachers implement Classroom Interventions. He is the author of two books including the bestselling Maximum Tier One: Improving full class instruction. His online training “Response to Intervention Made Easy” has been used by thousands of teachers around the country. Mr. Quinn's live training events routinely sell out as teachers, counselors, and administrators gather to hear from America’s Best Teacher Trainer! Don't miss this opportunity to see Pat Quinn LIVE!