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  • District Access – Access for all staff members in one district! (Best Value - $999)

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An ONLINE Seminar


Pat Quinn!

"The RTI Guy!

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from now until September 1, 2017!

 “Pat Quinn has done it again! Our Instructional Coaches and Teachers left with strategies they can use immediately and Pat Quinn left to a standing ovation!” 

“Groundbreaking material that will definitely help your school leaders make a positive difference!” 

“You are going to want to send a team to this one! We thought we were at a roadblock… and now we are all headed in the same direction!” 

“Pat Quinn makes the impossible seem possible! And then he makes it easy!” 

Many teachers struggle to implement high-quality academic interventions in their classrooms. This seminar will show you how to help your teachers send fewer students out of class for interventions, and offer more academic help inside their classrooms! 

Seminar Topics Include:

  • Finding the TIME to do interventions
  • Creating the STRUCTURE to do interventions
  • ​The best INSTRUCTION during interventions!
  • Increasing the Pace of Learning
  • Using Technology to Increase Learning!
  • Increasing Staff Engagement!
  • ​Plus much, much more!
“The challenge for schools is clear: Instruction must change to meet the needs of all students.”

“If you are tired of conferences that explain the problem but offer few solutions… this is the seminar for you!  EVERY session is loaded with concrete best-practice solutions!”

“Finally a conference that focuses on real-world solutions to a very real problem:  Helping teachers find the time and structure to deliver academic help in their classrooms."

“The best seminar I have attended in 37 years! Do not miss this chance!"
Purchase three different levels of access to this online seminar:

Individual Access - $249

Site License - $499

District License - $999

Unlimited access to the full seminar from now until September 1, 2019!

Seminar Schedule
Session 1: Creating the Time and Structure for Interventions
One of the biggest barriers to delivering effective academic interventions in the classroom is the lack of time. This session will show you how to help your teachers find the time and create the STRUCTURE that is necessary to deliver additional instruction to students who need it! Every session of this seminar will give multiple examples at the elementary, middle and high school level. Every session is loaded with steps you can take the very next day in your school to help ALL students succeed!

PLEASE NOTE:  This seminar will NOT show you how to change your schedule to make time for Tier Two small group interventions.  The focus of this seminar is on helping teachers deliver interventions in their own classrooms using your existing schedule.  If you want teachers to send fewer students out of the classroom and instead offer them high-quality academic interventions in their own classrooms... THIS is the seminar for you and your team!

Session 2: Fast and Effective Interventions in your Classroom

This session will give you a step-by-step plan to help teachers deliver effective academic interventions QUICKLY to students in any classroom. This session is perfect for Instructional Coaches, Principals, Instructional Specialists, Department Leaders, Mentors, Superintendents, Assistant Principals, and anyone involved with improving the instruction that teachers use in their classrooms!

Session 3: Helping Reluctant Teachers Change

This session will show you the different types teachers who struggle to change and the SPECIFIC STRATEGIES that you can use to be successful with each type. Pat Quinn is an expert on organizational change and how teachers respond to change in their schools. STOP blaming teachers and START helping your teachers deliver academic interventions in their own classrooms! Don’t miss this chance to learn from the very best!

Please Note: EVERY SESSION of this one-day seminar will feature multiple examples of strategies from the Elementary, Middle and High School Level!

This seminar is designed for anyone who works to help improve instruction in schools: Instructional Coaches, Specialists, Administrators, Directors, Lead Teachers, Department Heads, Mentors and Teachers! 

Helping Teachers
Do Interventions

In their Own Classrooms!

Online Seminar